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Graduate Program Prerequisites

The following UAB computer science courses, or equivalent, are required of all applicants to the graduate program, and should be taken before applying to the MS or PhD program:

  • Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming (CS 201)
  • Discrete Structures (CS 250)
  • Object Oriented Design (CS 302)
  • Algorithms and Data Structures (CS 303)
  • Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming (CS 330)

The following UAB courses are also required, any three of which may be taken at the 500-level and counted toward the M.S. program:

  • Automata and Formal Language Theory (CS 350 / 550)
  • Programming Languages (CS 401 / 501)
  • Software Engineering (CS 420 / 520)
  • Operating Systems (CS 433 / 533)

Mathematics background equivalent to two terms of calculus (differential and integral calculus) is required.  Linear algebra, statistics, differential equations and advanced calculus are highly recommended.