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Masters Program

The M.S. Program is designed to provide advanced study opportunities for individuals who:

  • hold a bachelors degree in Computer Science and would like to advance their technical knowledge in the field and /or learn about research in Computer Science,
  • hold a bachelors degree in another field and want to make a career transition to the computing field, or
  • currently work in the computing field and wish to obtain a graduate degree for career advancement

The M.S. program consists of 30 hours and can be completed in 1.5 years by students entering with no background deficiencies (see Prerequisites). Thesis and non-thesis options are available. The M.S. student also has the option to add a specialization, in one of four different areas (see Specializations).

Students may transfer in up to 12 credit hours of approved graduate courses, taken at the graduate level at another university before entering UAB.  Approval for these courses is evaluated after acceptance, and after 9 credit hours have been accumulated within the MS program. All UAB 500-level and 600-level CIS courses are automatically transferable (but a request must still be made).

For graduate computer science courses from outside UAB that the student wishes to transfer for graduate credit, the student must submit full documentation to the graduate program director, who will evaluate this information with appropriate faculty and decide whether the course counts for graduate credit.